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Preparing Your Home to Sell: Professional Staging Tips

So, you’ve decided to sell. That’s great! We have plenty of tips for sellers in our RMG Alaska blog archives (click link here)!

In addition to our other tips, one of the most underrated resources for sellers is using a professional stager. We at RMG Real Estate always recommend professionally staging your home because it can get the most prospective buyers in the door at a relatively small cost. When preparing for the stager, sellers should prepare their home in this way:

-Clear all surfaces such as appliances and kitchen/bathroom counter tops.

-Remove items above cabinets.

-Remove extra rugs and mats to showcase the flooring.

-In bathrooms, store personal items such as shampoos, soaps, and plungers out of eyesight.

– Remove extra furniture but keep a few key pieces to give the room a larger feel.

-Remove photos. Photos remind a potential buyer that this is someone else’s home rather than their new home.

– Step back and imagine you are looking at your home for the first time. If there are items that clutter rather than enhance the view, remove and store those items.

-Remember, quality over quantity: Provide a minimalistic look that allows buyers to imagine their own things in the home.

By following these simple steps you can help a stager be more efficient when getting your house “dream-home” worthy for that perfect buyer. Most buyers say the pictures of homes they view online before visiting a property influences their decision whether or not to tour the home. So, with a little extra effort before putting your home on the market, you can draw the greatest number of buyers to get your home sold for top dollar!

Happy selling, friends!

staging pic

Submitted by Annie Bjerkestrand, Listing Agent and Team Lead for RMG Real Estate in Anchorage, AK

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