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Five Ideas Where to Stay During a Home Renovation

Huge home project renovation going to be underway soon? That’s great and will be so nice when it’s done. It’s important to consider the options and potential costs for where you and your family should stay while the sawdust flies and the hammers pound.

Stay in your home – This is definitely one option, but if you are doing an entire home remodel, it might not be the best option in the long run. If you are totally redoing kitchens and bathrooms, working around those spaces while still living in your home could cause more headaches than necessary. With the lack of cooking appliances available as well, you may end up eating out more, causing additional funds to be used. While this would be a “free” option since you own the space you’re living, you really need to weigh the pros and cons of staying there versus temporarily moving from the space so you or your contractors can really focus and get the job done without your family being in and out of the space while work is being done. 

Stay with family and friends – While this could be another less expensive living option, it could come at a higher “emotional cost” to consider. While doable for a shorter time, you have to remember that your family and the friends or family that you are asking to stay with while you remodel also have lives that they need to continue living during that time. Having an additional family live in the same space could potentially cause some irritability between everyone, unless you have expectations laid out quite clearly before you move your suitcases in. Some expectations to consider are:

  • Quiet hours – when to turn off the TV so the rest of the house can sleep
  • Who is doing the cooking, clean up and when – maybe you could each take turns cooking and cleaning up meals for the entire house
  • Cost of additional utility usage – no one wants to be a freeloader; if you’re lodging with friends or family at their home for an extended period of time, chip in for the mortgage and utilities…that’s just plain polite

Staying with friends and family is definitely a viable option for while you’re remodeling, as long as both parties are on board and you can have a clear understanding of time frames for the remodel so you don’t end up overstaying your welcome.

Stay in a camper or RV on your property – This could be a really fun and adventurous way for your family to get out of your house for a few weeks or a few months, whatever the time is that your remodel is expected to take. Newer websites for people with RV’s or campers for rent, not just from established rental agencies which can be expensive, could provide an even more cost effective, long term solution for your lodging needs. You will have to consider the smaller living quarters to make sure it is a viable option for your family, though. And on top of that, temporarily living in an RV or camper on your property only makes sense if you can have full hookups (water, electricity, and sewer) on your property as well, otherwise you will probably find yourself not loving having to dump your RV grey and black water holding tanks every few days.

Stay in an extended stay hotel – Extended stay hotels are exactly meant for these types of situations. Usually they have a monthly or weekly rate option that could work out to being more cost effective than renting an apartment or AirBnB. Most extended stay hotels have a kitchenette and some even have separate bedrooms, which could be nice for varying family needs. Extra amenities could also be a nice treat for your family to enjoy passing the time, such as an on-site pool or daily breakfast or housekeeping. 

Stay in a rented apartment, condo, or house – Finally, and probably the most expensive option for staying out of your house while remodeling, would be to rent an entirely different apartment or home for the duration of the construction. It really just depends on what your needs would be and what kind of long-term deals you could find when it comes to the cost of this option. However, again, it could provide your family with some fun new amenities that you don’t always get at your own home; these could be anything from a hot tub to within walking distance of your favorite downtown restaurants to access to local bike paths that aren’t in your normal neighborhood. However, with a different location in town, you’d also run into different routes to and from school and work, which could be an inconvenience. 

Overall, it’s great to consider options when remodeling your home before you’re living there with no kitchen or bathrooms and wondering “what did we get ourselves into?!” Hopefully these will give you some good ideas to start with so your family can be well taken care of even during the renovation process.

Five Ideas Where to Stay During a Home Renovation

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